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Encouraging training according to the Schoenaker concept®



Many people start their studies, or careers, as motivated individuals. However, there is often an unfortunate ending: dejectedness, power struggles, aggression, overexertion, exasperation, discontent, anxiety, depression and burnout.

On study preparation programme, we attach the utmost importance to uplifting methods of personal development in addition to educating students in both musical and teaching skills. In this way, we can try and prevent such unfortunate situations from arising:

We have set ourselves the ambitious aim of sustainably preparing our students for the challenges they will face during their studies, as well as during their subsequent careers, by making sure that they have the best possible set of personal skills.

In collaboration with the MUT-MACH-WERKSTATT, Encouraging Training, as per the Schoenaker Concept® ‘MUT TUT GUT’ and under the leadership of Carola Hartmann, is an integral part of our study preparation programme.

Encouraging Training is a concept which uses individual psychology to promote a powerful and self-confident way of life.

Encouraging Training is designed to embolden young people in managing, on a personal level, the challenges posed by their studies and careers by consistently drilling them to make use of their inner resources.

In real life, courage is a capability possessed by those with a positive view of the world, and of themselves, thanks to a mindset focused on their strengths, as well as on the strengths of other people. People with such an attribute are extremely able to solve problems independently.

Those who lack courage do not have to force to stand their ground and, in turn, it is hard for them to develop, strive for and, ultimately, achieve values and goals. Those who lack courage have a limited ability to work constructively with others.

Encouraging outlooks for our graduates:

Encouraging Training according to the Schoenaker concept® is a unique, tried-and-tested learning programme which draws on profound psychological science to create a practical plan of action and, even though it is a long-established concept, it is also kept in line with current positive psychological studies.

Participants learn how to:

change: their focus from their errors to their strengths

treat: themselves and others with positive encouragement

leave: their inner sceptic and critic behind

recognise: their own strengths, abilities and needs

trust: in their own strengths and abilities, and build on them

deal with: day-to-day tasks in a calm, confident manner

be able to: define important objectives and achieve them

develop: constructive skills helpful in resolving conflicts

let go: of the old and make room for the new

gain: self-assurance, happiness, creativity and holistic health