Examination Regulations for the Pre-Study Course of Music

As laid down by the Junge Musikakademie Hamburg dated 1st March 2018


(1) The aim of our Pre-Study course of music is preparing our students for their respective entry exam to German or European academies, conservatoires and schools of music, both in the field of teaching and performing. The Junge Musikakademie Hamburg, however, does not guarantee that their students will successfully pass the exam.

There will be no academic or school certificate to be awarded to the participants of the Pre-Study course.

(2) The Examination Regulations apply for all major subjects offered: Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Transverse Flute, Clarinet, (Classical) Saxophone Recorder, Horn, Trumpet, Piano, (Classical) Guitar, Gesang.

I Regulations regarding the Entrance Examinations

§ 1 Qualifications to take part in the Pre-Study Course

(1) You qualify to take part in the course if you …

  1. …have passed the entrace exam at the Junge Musikakademie Hamburg and
  2. … meet the additional conditions for applying for the entrance exam to an Academy of music. In particular, this means the general qualification to study at a university (such as the German “Abitur”) or a similar final exam accepted by the respective authorites. In the case of an outstanding artistic talent, this condition can be waived, if allowed by the regulations of the respective academy of music
  3. … have been admitted for training by the Junge Musikakademie Hamburg zur Ausbildung zugelassen wurde. Such an admission is based on suitability. The Junge Musikakademie Hamburg reserves the right to turn down applicants in the case of limited training capacities at the academy.

(2)  As the course is taught in German, an adequate knowledge of this language is required. Participants who do not meet this requirement can get support from the  Junge Musikakademie Hamburg in joining a German language course. Such a course is not included in the fees laid down by § 9.

§ 2 Application for admission, Registration fees

(1) Applying for admission is to be done done online via the website of the Junge Musikakademie Hamburg (https://junge-musikakademie-hamburg.de/ ) An application must be joined by a personal data sheet (CV), a recent passport photograph and documents of final exams as the case may be.

(2) Upon acceptance of the application for admission by Junge Musikakademie Hamburg, the application fee of € 40.00 is due. There will be no claim to take part in the pre-study course if that payment has not been made into the bank account of the Junge Musikakademie Hamburg.

§ 3 Entrance Exam

(1) The aim of the entrance exam is to find out if the applicant can be prepared for applying to an academy conservatoire or school of music within the span of time laid down for the pre-study course. In order to do this, the respective candidate will be checked for an extraordinary and extremely promising talent.

(2) The entrance exams consist of the following separate parts:

  1. Exam of main subject
  2. As a minor subject: Piano exam (omitted if piano is main subject)
  3. Composition
  4. Aural training
  5. Personal conversation with the Board of Examiners

§ 4 Examination Programme

(1) The requirements to the entry exam can be found in Attachment 1 (“Examination Programme”).

§ 5 Board of Examiners

(1) The Board of Examiners is made up of the Head of the Academy and the tutors of the respective subjects.

§ 6 Examination procedure

(1)  After the application for the entrance exam has been fully completed, the dates of the exams will be published. The venue for the entrance exam is the address of the Junge Musikakademie Hamburg, namely  Bergstedter Chaussee 110, Hamburg.

(2)  Applicants living outside Germany can ask the Head of the Academy for permission to send a video instead, addressing their respective question to the Project Management.

§ 7 Result oft he exam

The Junge Musikakademie Hamburg will tell applicants within a month following the entrance exam if they have been accepted for taking part in the pre-study course.

II The Course

§ 8 Duration of the course, Fees

(1) The course will run from 1st September to 31st August, taking into account the Hamburg school holidays. However, this period can be prolonged or shortened, if  the tutors of the respective subjects in accordance with the Head of the Academy, think it advisable to do so.

(2) When registering for the pre-study year, a non-recurring fee of € 160.00 becomes due and is payable by 1st

(3) During the course, the monthly fees are € 450.00.

(4) A 5 % discount is granted if payment for the entire year is made in advance.

§ 9 Major subjects Minor subjects.

(1) The major and minor subjects and their respective hours per week can be found in Attachment 2 (“Curriculum”)